Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gilley to the Rescue Teaching Cinder

     Halted progress this week due to my back - I have a bulging disk and pinched nerve inhibiting just about everything including working with Cinder.  We managed to continue honing what she knows already.  However there were some fun and important new developments this week without my help.
       Last week, Gilley finally decided to make up with Cinder and began playing with her.  Now, the two have become true BFF's.  They play every day and this week, I couldn't be more glad since my mobility as been seriously limited, making play with Cinder pretty minimal.  Gilley has been the one to initiate playing as much or more than Cinder.  I think he's finally glad to have a play pal that we'd always hoped would be Buzz, but has never happened.  Buzz does not know or want to play the way Gilley enjoys play.  Cinder NEEDS play so having Gilley finally engaging with her is awesome for both of them and me!  
  Aside from playing, Gilley's also been teaching her when it's time to rest quietly because the adult dogs want quiet time.  Additionally, he has been helping her hone her stalking.  Stalking is important for herding, but apparently Gilley thinks it's important all the time.  I managed to capture a brief stalk and attack by Cinder on the video below.  

Laying by Chris on the loveseat
Additionally, the boys are helping teach Cinder that outside doors don't open until everyone sits first. She's doing well with that lesson but needs human reminders and praise. Cinder seems most proud of being able to now jump onto the loveseat.  She could climb onto it last week, but she discovered the art of the jump this week during playtime with Uncle Gilley.  I'm not sure whether to thank Gilley or strangle him for showing her the artful means of jumping onto the loveseat or chair because now she wants to do it all the time.  They race through the house full speed and get a running start and jump onto the loveseat or a chair and she thinks it's awesome cool, but I hate the idea of her jumping down again onto the hard floors so I'm trying to discourage this newfound, fun skill until she's older.  We'll see how that works out.  I think it'll be easier once we get through this wintry blast and finally have spring at last. Playing outside more will mean playing inside less and thereby, less jumping. The one advantage has been since my back flared up, Cinder seems proud she can easily jump onto the loveseat beside me.  That's been Gilley's "thing" for eight years-lay beside me on the loveseat and snuggling.  Now, Cinder's been doing it and it's been interesting that Gilley hasn't even tried to dissuade her these last three days.  Perhaps he senses that it's the best and least painful way for me to be close to her while my back heals; but maybe he just figures it's not worth the fight because HE still holds the crown that entitles him to a coveted spot on our bed.

     Cinder is also developing her "racing speed" as she races around the house and yard attempting to keep up with the big dogs.  Amazingly, she's pretty quick for her size but those little legs make for a much shorter stride.  She does have a very competitive side so I think she will always try to outdo the big dogs whenever possible.  I can't wait to take her places and get her out where she will literally have hundreds of acres to run with the boys.  Come on Spring!
     Meanwhile, Buzz is content to have Gilley play with Cinder because he had Cinder duty for the first few weeks.  Gilley is his respite from having her drag him across the kitchen by his tail.  He still plays with her but clearly it's Gilley's style of more interactive play that she prefers (and needs). Gilley is her favorite now for that reason if no other.  It's all part of life raising Cinder.


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