Thursday, April 2, 2015

Continue, Stop & Delete; or Delete Now, Start Anew Later?

I'm asking you, our followers, to offer your opinions/votes regarding the following:  I'm considering deleting the Raising Cinder Blog and FB page.  Here's my thinking:   I am  recovering and rehabbing from back surgery with a need for shoulder surgery soon to follow; adding another period of limited inactivity to my existing one. I probably won't be doing anything fun or interesting with the dogs or horses for at least a six months to a year due to all my restrictions.  Since my posts are not that fun or interesting anyway, it seems silly  maintaining a page for Cinder at this point.  She's now a grown yearling and no longer a cute puppy, so that phase of her rearing and training is over. She's not an exceptional dog except to me because she's mine, but otherwise, she's really pretty average.

I think most followers of our page are probably interested in things that are fun, cute, adventures, and stuff like training and competition. We can't deliver on those expectations - at least not for a long while. Reality is that I may miss the windows of opportunity to train Cinder for the things I'd hoped we'd do. After all, at a yearling, she should've already been well started on her agility, disk dog, and other training like barn hunting; and she's only gone through basic obedience and ready to tackle advanced obedience.  If it's really another year before I can get back to working with her as needed for progess in those activities, she'll be at least two years old trying to learn what puppies already know.

What's your HONEST opinion/vote - keep going or delete and start anew when we can resume more consistent fun and training?  Leave a comment here or on our FB page.  You can also email me directly at:

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  1. I love your blog and detail of the training process and would love to continue following your life with Cinder!


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