Saturday, April 4, 2015

To Be Continued...

Wow!  Thank you to all our Raising Cinder blog and/or Facebook followers for such a great and overwhelming response.  It took me into the wee hours of the morning to wade through them all since there were so many via email in addition to online responses.  I especially appreciate those of you who took the time and opportunity to let me know what you like about the blog and/or Facebook posts. It’s always nice to get feedback like that so you can better understand what people enjoy and try to meet those expectations. 

The overwhelming response was that the majority (by a landslide) of our followers want to keep the existing blog and FB pages; adding posts as we have opportunities, but understanding that things may be sparse along the way.  Since it seems to be the majority vote, that’s what we’ll do.  Most said they enjoy our ordinary life posts as much or more than some of the other things.  A few provided feedback leading to topics I’d like to address in the future as I can.

I want to thank all of you for choosing to spend your time reading and commenting on our posts.  It’s no small thing to share a portion of your time and your life with us, so we thank you.  There are many other things you could on which you could opt to spend your time and energy; so following and sharing with us is a choice you’ve made and we greatly appreciate it.  We enjoy you and your comments, posts, and shares too!

I guess you'll have to wait, sometimes for long periods, for the next installment of our life as we continue raising Cinder!

Thank you for sharing your time and comments.  Be well and be good to yourself and others!


Chris (aka Cinder’s mom, Hu-mom) 

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