Friday, January 24, 2014

Already a Little Stinker!

    It's Friday evening and the start of our last weekend of quiet before Cinder's arrival.  Our weekend will be no different than most, except that we'll be doing more preparing for Cinder. This weekend we're using our "Puppy Preparation Checklist" to be sure we've got everything we need and that our house is ready for an inquisitive puppy.  We'll be installing homemade custom puppy gates in her "living space" so she has a secure area of her own when we can't immediately supervise her, but she doesn't need to be in her crate.
      My friend, Janelle (Cinder's breeder), was playing with the puppies in the kennel yesterday and snapped a few pictures for me.  She said the puppies are all very playful, but ONE of them stole her glove for a playtoy!  Guess which little stinker that was!

     I have a feeling we are in for a lot of fun when Cinder arrives!  Things could be very entertaining once she and the big boys figure each other out.  
       Keep an eye on that countdown clock in the sidebar-I sure am!

Have a good weekend-stay warm and safe everyone!

Chris (Cinder's adoptive human)

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