Friday, January 31, 2014

Only One Day Left & Cinder Comes Home!

    Cinder was little more than three weeks old when I saw her picture posted on FaceBook by my friend and Border Collie breeder, Janelle.  Janelle knew, perhaps well before me, that Cinder's picture grabbed me in a way none of her other puppy's pictures had in the last three years. Janelle and I had a couple lengthy discussions about it and decided Cinder would become my new puppy- excuse me, OUR new puppy. My husband, Brian, was supposed to be my normal voice of reason always offering reasons NOT to get another dog or pup, but instead, Cinder's picture melted his heart and HE is as excited as me to add her to our family!
     For the last few weeks we've been preparing for Cinder, our new puppy.  You may laugh and think we're odd, but we've been through raising a Border Collie puppy before!  There is no such thing as totally prepared for the antics to be encountered with BC puppies because they're equal having about four Labrador puppies on a caffiene or sugar buzz! Basically, we've been doing "puppy prepare-alympics!" We've puppy proofed the house from munch-monster puppy teeth; secured a safe area for her when she needs quiet time (or we need a rest break); procured some basic toys and food; and psyched ourselves up for life with a puppy in fully charged Energizer battery mode. 
   Tomorrow morning we'll go visit Janelle and all her dogs and puppies. When we return, we will have Cinder!  The fun is about to begin! If you haven't become a follower of this blog yet, now may be a great time to do so because raising Cinder is sure to yield a lot of pictures and stories of life with a Border Collie puppy, two adult Border Collies and trying to survive living a small midwestern city.  Stay tuned for adventures ahead as we embark on...Raising Cinder, a Border Collie Puppy.


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