Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Chronicle Begins!


This is the beginning of what I hope will be a fun blog about raising Cinder, a Border Collie puppy. Cinder hasn't arrived yet, so we truly are at the beginning-preparing for her arrival.  As of today, Cinder's arrival is only eight days away.  I wanted  to launch this blog and tweak a few things before Cinder arrives because once she's here, my time at the computer will be much more limited. Cinder will be only seven weeks old when we pick her up, so she will be a very young puppy needing lots of attention.  This is Cinder as of last week:

     Cinder is a blue merle Border Collie.  She comes of some fine performance-bred sheep herding lines known for their keen sense, high intelligence, athleticism and good personalities. However, Cinder is not going to be a herder.  We don't know exactly what Cinder's expertise will be, but it won't be sheep herding since we live in a small midwestern city!  Cinder's first job will be to grow and get to know our two adult Border Collies, Gilley and Buzz. You can read about them on their information and personal story pages.  
     As Cinder grows and learns the basics of life in our home, we'll teach her many things-hopefully some of them will even be good!  Life with Border Collies is not the same as life with other dogs because of their extreme intelligence and herding traits which can often cause havoc.  Herding instincts are strong and for a Border Collie, herding things is job #1, so it is their nature to chase just about anything and everything that moves-even a little.  They need a LOT of daily exercise and don't do well without it. Cinder will be challenged to overcome some issues in our home because we are middle-aged and overweight, living in a ranch home in the city-things that are NOT ideal for Border Collies.  What DO we offer?
  • A quiet, stable home
  • Two adult Border Collies (who already trained us)
  • Several friends nearby with large farms where we can take our dogs regularly for fun and exercise
  • Helpful friends who also have and train Border Collies and do things like Agility
  • We live close to a private, members-only dog park
  • And we love our dogs as family members, in our home with us

Raising Cinder with Gilley and Buzz is bound to yield some fun stories and pictures along the way.  I hope you'll "stay tuned" for our adventures and invite your friends to check in too!

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