Friday, January 31, 2014

Dog Vital Signs-What Should They Be?


Discussions with friends are great fun and I often learn a lot from my friends because they're all so intelligent and have such diverse experience.  One discussion last night surrounded knowing what a dog's vital signs should be in case of an emergency.  I thought it an interesting topic since there are different answers depending on a lot of variables. As Brian would say, being my geeky self, I went online to refresh my memory.  Every pet owner should have the basic knowledge of what their animals' normal vitals signs should be.  Here's are the ranges I found for dogs based on three different veterinary schools in the U.S. (of course one is PURDUE, my alma mater):

Dog Vital Signs:

  • Heart rate: 70-160 BPM (beats per minute) with larger dogs being generally lower than small dogs
  • Temperature:  100.5-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Blood pressure:  110-120 / 70-80
  • Respirations: 10-30 BPM (resting rate)
  • PUPPY heart rates: 70-180BPM
  • PUPPY temperature: 96-100 degrees Fahrenheit
There is a lot of variance due to the differing variables that apply to size, breed, age, weight, health and nutrition. Like humans, each individual has their own "norm" so it's important to be observant and attentive to any changes in a dog's behavior or demeanor. The information above is just a general guide to use so we know when it truly is time for a veterinary intervention.


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