Monday, February 24, 2014

Breakthrough Weekend!

     Hi everyone!
     I had a busy weekend and I gotta tell ya about Uncle Gilley!  HE PLAYED WITH ME-A LOT!  I have pictures and video too! 

     Saturday I went for a ride in a car with Chris & Brian.  At first I didn't think I liked it because I had to sit on Brian's lap and not explore; and it seemed like a really long time; and I was a little bit scared.  But at the end of the ride, we were at my real mom and dad's, where I was born! I got to see my mom and some of my brothers and sisters and cousins-and my very first hu-mom and young humans!  I am glad we went for that ride! I got to play and visit but we had to get back in the car thingy to come back home again.  I like Chris and Brian and Uncle Buzz and Uncle Gilley, but I kinda miss my first family a little bit.  Chris said I will get to go back for more visits.
     When we got back from the car ride, I got to play a little while, but then I had to go in my special space while Chris and Brian went to visit Brian's mom for supper on her birthday. They were gone a long time so I had a nap, but when they came back, I got out to play and stuff.  It was fun because Uncle Gilley played with me outside again!  Then he played with me in the house a little bit!  I told you he really likes me! I just have to not bite him-he doesn't like that.
     Sunday I got up and played for a really long time. Chris said I played for four hours before I had a nap.  They taked care of Ebbie (I haven't met her yet because she's a horse and lives at a place a little ways from the house-what IS a horse anyway?) and they came back with a different kitchen table.  I heard Chris say they traded tables with Brian's mom. I like the new table-it has better legs for me to chew on and more space under it to play! 
     Then I got to play more.  Sometimes I played with Uncle Buzz and sometimes I played with Uncle Gilley.  Then I mostly played with Uncle Gilley because he likes to play "rope pull" with me. We played a long time outside while Chris and Brian did something called, "winter end potty pick-up." Playing with Uncle Gilley and Uncle Buzz seemed way more fun than Chris and Brian's game!  At night, we kept playing and then went to sleep. 
     I sleeped ALL NIGHT and Chris waked me up this morning and said I was really good. That's what I did all weekend.  I hope you had a fun weekend too! I have to go potty and have snack now.


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