Friday, February 21, 2014

Cinder Takes Over

Hi Everyone! My hu-mom, Chris, said it's my turn to say stuff. I can't type or spell so she's doing it for me.
     A lot happened yesterday:
My snowmound melting
My snow's all gone

See my footprints!
     My snow went away and a lot of water and wet dirt and green stuff is in my yard now.  I miss my snow. I liked my snow mountain my hu-dad, Brian, made for me. Chris said I'll get to start having more fun with the snow all gone but it's 8:00AM and I'm not having more fun yet.  I made footprints in the kitchen a lot and Chris kept wiping them all gone. I think I like the footprint game.
     When Chris was in her office, I sneaked in. Uncle Grumpy Gilley was laying on the floor by Chris' chair and so I was really, really good and I got down by him nose-to-nose and we both were there. I scooted over by Uncle Gilley and we snuggled real nice while Chris was doing stuff on her desk. That's the first nice, quiet time we ever shared and I tried to be really good. I think Uncle Gilley is starting to like me better. I'm trying really hard to figure him out but I'm pretty sure he likes really likes me-he's just grumpy so I won't hang onto his tail and slide on the floor like I do with Uncle Buzz.
     Chris got me a new toy yesterday.  She thought I'd like it 'cuz it makes a squeal noise-like my brothers and sisters made when we played. I can't figure out how to make it squeal yet, but the fuzzy stuff on it is like my tennis balls and I like chewing it.
     Chris moved my house back to that place where she had it when I first came.  She said my house was in the way in my play zone and the kitchen and that it's time for me to learn to go to my house where I'm 'posed to be when I grow up. She also said if I go back there, that Uncle Buzz and Uncle Gilley will be happier 'cuz they will come out of the bedroom whenever I'm napping in my house. I take lots of naps so maybe they won't be as mad at me if they can play with Chris more while I'm sleeping. I'm bigger now so I can do it-I can sleep in my big girl place!
Sitting to go out

Sitting near "Snowy" my toy
   I am learning new stuff. I think some of the stuff Chris is teaching me is strange, but I will do it for her. Besides, she gives me yummy treats! So far, I've got this "sit" thing pretty good. I'm not sure why she wants me to watch her, she never does anything all that fun, but I do it anyway. I am good at "down" but I pop up to sit quick for the next thing she wants. I'm getting good at crawling, but I did that when I was a little baby so I don't know why she wants me to keep doing that.  I'm doing touching my nose on her hand. I'm learning to "shake"-that's when I put a paw in her hand and she shakes it.  I don't know what makes it so fun for her, but I'm good at it and it makes her happy. I'm learning to sit up and it's kinda hard because I can't get my balance very well. But Chris thinks I can if we practice and I am getting better at it.
     My hu-dad, Brian, is starting to get be more fun. When Chris calls me, I really like to go to her really fast and sometimes she lets me jump into her arms! Brian tried to let me do that and I liked it but he almost didn't catch me! He said it won't be so much fun when I'm 50 pounds. Chris laughed about it and said she always wanted a dog that would jump in her arms but Brian said, "Yeah, eight years ago when it was Gilley, that might've been good, but in eight years from now, when you're an old woman, you might not be so glad Cinder does it." I think that might mean we can't play the run and jump into their arms game anymore-but it's so much fun.
     Last night, Brian went to someplace not home called "work." Chris went away at the same time. They were gone a really long time and then Chris came back. I was so glad because I had to potty and it was past my supper time so I was HUNGRY! After we all ate (not Brian 'cuz he was still at work), we went outside and when we came back in, Uncle Buzz and Uncle Gilley both stayed out of the bedroom with me for a while!  Usually only Uncle Buzz stays out with me and Uncle Gilley goes to bed. I told ya Uncle Gilley really likes me-I told ya he does, he does, he does!  I was bein' hAved with 'em and they stayed out a long time but when I started biting and grabbing their tails, they got mad and left.  But they stayed out with me a long time before they left and I was really happy because I really want them to like and play with me.
I was like this when Chris rubbed my tummy.
  When it was just me and Chris, I was gettin' tired so she rubbed my belly.  I REALLY like tummy rubs! They're nice.  Chris said Uncle Buzz-kill and Uncle Grumpy won't ever, ever roll over so she likes that I do and she hopes I will always like tummy rubs.  I don't know why anyone would not like tummy rubs!
      Last night, something called "high winds" came outside our house.  When I went out to potty, the wind and a lot of wet drops falling out of the sky scared me at first, but Chris went out with me so I stayed by her and she was brave so I was brave. I didn't like all the noises or getting those drops on my head, but I was brave anyway 'cuz Chris was there.  I don't think I'm gonna like those winds much.
    Then is it was my bedtime at 11:30 in the dark.  That's what happened yesterday.  Sure seemed like a LOT of stuff.  I was pretty tired.  But today is another day and I'm excited so I gotta go have some fun now! Chris said it's another new day raising Cinder!  I'm so special! 

Ta Ta For Now!
Cinder, the Border Collie Puppy

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