Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crate Training Crazies

     I've always been a proponent of crate training from an early age and with the dogs I've had it's always been successful. I believe crate training is very important for numerous reasons, starting with the of need veterinary care or kenneling over night and other reasons. Gilley came home and instantly began crate training-always loving his crate and going into it quite willingly and contentedly.  Buzz had to learn when he came because he had no house manners and needed to learn to be in a crate to travel.  Cinder is proving a little more challenging than some of my other pups.
    Cinder's had a dislike for her crate that Gilley never displayed.  However, I shouldn't compare them because they're totally different. I also keep forgetting that when Gilley came home, he was about two weeks older and already completely weaned. Cinder was not fully weaned because the weather turned too sour and the puppies too young to live in a barn without their momma during the coldest winter weather Ohio has had in over 40 years.  Both age and not being fully weaned are valid reasons Cinder's having more trouble adjusting. Of course she feels abandoned when we put her in a crate that is totally removed from the hub of the house-even with the bedroom door open to her area and the TV on!
     Once I thought about how we crate trained Gilley and the differences between he and Cinder, I realized that sometimes I need to back up and try another approach. Cinder's younger and her weaning was started but not completed when we picked her up-she still needs security of knowing her packmates are close.  I've moved her crate into the living room, beside our kitchen. That location is central to most of our house-bound activities and provides more visibility to us.
     I played with Cinder until she curled up to sleep. I picked her up and brought her back to the computer room and placed her in Buzz's crate while I'm in there working online. That way I'm in complete view and earshot of her.  She whined about a minute and curled up to sleep.
  Right now, moving the crate is somewhat a crutch-maybe as much or more for me than she! But, she seems far more accepting of it when she sees me nearby. Another week or so of making the crate less hated can't be a bad thing.


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