Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weaving, Hurdling, & Balls-Oh My!

     There really are some fun things about an active Border Collie puppy that you just don't encounter as much in other breeds. First and foremost, they have an abundance of energy both for play and fighting sleep! The next is an intensity and focus on things other puppies just don't have. These are the things for which Border Collies are most famous as adult dogs; and the things that make them such great herders, athletes, and agility dogs.
     This week, our focus is honing skills we learned last week and adding some new ones. Last week Cinder learned, "sit, down, and watch me."  This week we begin varying the lengths of time and distance; and add "roll and crawl."  She's also learning to get her toys out of her toy crate-when she isn't busy trying to sit in it! We may also work on ball retrieval since chasing a ball is one of her favorite activities. She also loves weaving herself in, around, under, over and through our kitchen chairs and the latest variation to that game is carrying her balls in to the chair area and nosing or pawing them around while she weaves herself through the chairs. It's a hilarious little game and I'm almost convinced it's a self-inflicted form of puppy agility practice! Actually, it seems to be more multipurpose as she also plays ball and works on stalking the balls simultaneous to the weaving and hurdling the chair rungs.  She's already grown so much since last week that weaving among the chairs is very different this week and I anticipate that by next week, a new variation of the game will evolve as she gets bigger and less able to fit in the ways she does now.  I got video, but for some reason, I'm unable to upload it. I will try again when I have more time.
   Last weekend, my horse had a fairly significant issue arise and unfortunately, it is severe enough that it could mean she will need to be euthanized.  As I sat crying last evening, Cinder
displayed uncanny and remarkable caring by climbing into my lap and licking my tears until I stopped.  For an eight week old puppy to have that much attention and comprehension is prettyimpressive and it did make me feel a little better.
     Raising Cinder is such a fun job and I'm so glad I have her to pass the hours of each day of our unusually bitter winter.


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