Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kong Toys are Wonderful Things

 Teething puppies are just like teething babies-everything goes into their mouths including furniture, walls and other dogs' tails. Help curbing the puppy urge to taste test everything is a puppy Kong toy. Kong toys are great. We have the pink one for Cinder and Gilley still has his puppy Kong eight years later!  
   Buying insertable Kong treats isn't necessary if you have a jar of peanut butter or some plain yogurt and honey.  Plain yogurt has many of the same benefits for dogs as humans and mixing some honey in it makes it a high value sweet treat. We don't feed yogurt from the container-it gets frozen into yogurt ice cubes which can be inserted in the Kong for a highly desirable entertainment treat.  Cinder's entertained by it for at leat five minutes - long enough for ME to go potty  and another cup of coffee!
    The other benefit of using Kong as a diversionary treat is that it can be used to lure Cinder to her crate for some quiet time, making the crate experience a little less a punishment and more a quiet pleasure.  
     One caveat about using frozen yogurt ice cubes is that they can create a mess as they melt. I stongly suggest NOT using them on any carpets, rugs or furniture. Don't bounce them until you've rinsed them out either-the melted yogurt cube or warm peanut butter will splatter out on bouncing! I won't tell you how I know that tidbit. 


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