Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crate Training Revised & Surprising Dynamics

     Yesterday I revised the crate training plan for Cinder as she was having a hard time and beginning to rebel about it.  Since I moved her crate into the living room and opted to let her use one of the boys' crates in the computer room, she's been much better because she can see and hear us.  Once she becomes convinced her crate isn't an evil place, we can begin to relocate it to a more suitable location.
     The dynamics between Cinder and the older boys is not at all what I expected.  Gilley has ALWAYS been my fun-loving, gregarious natured boy who ALWAYS plays well with others of any age or size-except Cinder.  He finds her extremely annoying (which she is right now) and does everything he can to avoid her most of the time, which usually means he's in the bedroom on our bed (which is quite high).  Buzz has often exhibited questionable appreciation of other dogs unless they match or exceed his size; and he's got an insane obsession with Gilley, his BFF.  Buzz is the one exhibiting a wonderfully tolerant and, at times, concerned interest in Cinder.  He doesn't like her jumping on and biting him at all, but he's tolerant as long as one can be before he either wants to go outside or go with Gilley to the bedroom on the bed to avoid her.  Both boys are largely annoyed with Cinder, but Buzz's tolerance exceeding Gilley's by far is the greater surprise. You can see that they understand she's a baby, but they are not afraid to let her know the limits of her puppy license-and they definitely draw the line at two bites or yanks on their tails! In their minds, surely they think we need to send her away and if she comes back, it shouldn't be until she quits biting and yanking on their tails!  For Brian and me, she is indeed a welcome addition to our family and much needed diversion from mundane daily tasks and job searching; and a joy to watch as she learns new things every day. It will be a rough month as we continue life in a virtual lock-down due to unusual winter weather, but we'll muddle through on the continuing journey of raising Cinder.


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